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Making Change Easy

Free Your Mind of Limiting Beliefs

Have you ever really wanted to make changes in your life, done everything possible in your power to make it happen only to find it’s just not working?

Sometimes will-power, positive thoughts, visualisation and affirmations simply don’t achieve the results we want.

With PSYCH-K® we can fast track success working directly with the subconscious mind to form new beliefs that support goals and desired outcomes.

Invest in Yourself

PSYCH-K balances can be in person or via Skype.

Located in Birkenhead, North Shore.

One hour PSYCH-K session $120

Four sessions $400 (Save $80)
What is involved in a PSYCH-K® balance?
A PSYCH-K Balance is a user-friendly system using muscle testing to communicate with the subconscious mind. Balances are done in a ‘whole-brain state’ which allows for change to occur quickly and easily. Balances can be done standing, sitting or lying on a massage table, depending on your preference.
What is PSYCH-K® and how does it work?
PSYCH-K is a scientifically proven method for increasing personal development. It’s a simple, yet powerful and effective process that transforms limiting subconscious beliefs to life enhancing, supportive beliefs.

Our beliefs are the foundation of our personality. They affect our feelings in relation to all aspects of our lives and are the result of life-long conditioning. They have far reaching consequences, both positive and negative, in every aspect of life. They affect our moods, relationships, job performance, self-esteem and even our physical health.

Studies in neuroscience indicate that as much of 95% of our consciousness is actually subconscious. Beliefs, attitudes and values drawn from our past experiences are stored in the subconscious mind, below the level of conscious awareness. It is these subconscious beliefs that form the perceptual filters through which we respond to life’s challenges.

From these stored beliefs in the subconscious mind we develop behaviours. These behaviours can often be self-limiting and self-defeating. However, when we make changes at the subconscious level, we can shift limiting beliefs into self-enhancing and supporting beliefs that in turn become useful behaviours.

Following years of brain research PSYCH-K has evolved as a unique process that creates a ‘whole-brain state’ that dramatically reduces resistance to change in the subconscious mind.

The PSYCH-K process is designed to create a balanced identification with both hemispheres of the cerebral cortex. Establishing a ‘whole-brain state’ allows new self-enhancing beliefs to be created, reduces unwanted stress and helps access your full potential. Click here for neuroscience research about the whole-brain state.

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